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Above are two resources for eating veg. and or vegan. is an excellent source about nutrition and meal planning. has lots of good food information and also the ethical/Jewish views on eating veg./vegan.

I have often defended my choice of not eating meat. My University of New Hampshire nutrition course was a long commercial for meat and dairy. In fact my Prof. said in class for all to hear I would have osteo due to my veg. diet. Oddly enough my bone density test came back nearly at the top 1.8 out of 2.0. Still my Prof insisted
in front of the class that meat and dairy were part of the needed food groups. When I asked what was wrong with soy or rice milk she said “they are too hard to find in the store” ” I don’t think most people could find them any way”. So her basis for advocating dairy was she thought people were to stupid to locate the soy or rice milk. My grocery store has some soy milk right in the dairy case, but the Prof at the University of New Hampshire in Durham,NH was sure this was too hard for the average shopper.

During the semester I went to the Dept head and asked her about nutrition and veg/vegan diets. At first she was insistent that dairy,meat and fish were necessary for a healthy diet. Then as we discussed why she thought this it comes out her daughter and grand daughter are both vegetarians and she said both were very healthy.

Now get this….once again from a different UNH Prof I hear “people could be healthy on a veg. diet but they would have to eat healthy” DUHHH Is this not the same issue for meat eaters. We all have to choose healthy meals over snack food. So once again a UNH prof thinks You the average consumer is just too stupid to feed your self.

There is an arrogance in the attitude that you could not find soy milk in a store or reason that an apple is a better snack then hard candy.


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