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family stress

March 27, 2010

Has going back to school created stress in your family?   Did you start out thinking you were doing this to better provide for your self and family and then somewhere during this choice you found that your family was not functioning as smoothly as you hoped?

With many options now for high paying or rewarding work that does not need a 4 year degree it may be  time to rethink traditional college programs. 


UNH President’s Commission on the Status of Women

March 25, 2010

Lunch at  UNH listening to 5 women being honored for their leadership and willing to help other women achieve their goals both in life and in their career specifically.

Many of the attendees are women but also see men scattered through out the room.

Have women achieved equality?  Maybe. I think the day we do not have to have  special commissions for the promotion of women  will signal that we have arrived.

Today I am enjoying the company of great women. Young and not so young each here to honor our sisters.

Today we are celebrating but each day we take up our cause.  There is not celebration more satisfying then seeing a sister achieve. 

Stand tall and be strong, yet never be so above the cares of our sisters that struggle.  Stand tall and remember to bend, to lift up another.